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Whether you’re a couple or a solo traveller, a group of friends or a family with children, you can find a hotel room in Lillooet that will fit perfectly with your needs. All our rooms come with the following amenities:

Air conditioning • Cable TV • Alarm clocks
Direct-dial phones • Complimentary tea and coffee

4 Pines Motel has four different room choices, each with their own features:


1. 1 Queen Bed with Shower
Singles and couples can enjoy the budget-friendly simplicity of a simple yet comfortable bed with a clean bathroom. This room type comes with a small breakfast table, microwave, coffee-maker, and mini-fridge, so you can enjoy a light breakfast or take-out dinner in the private comfort of your room.

2. 2 Queen Beds
Perfect for groups and families of up to 4, this larger-sized room offers ample space to rest, hang out, and store your luggage for the day while you’re out adventuring. Enjoy the same Serta® Pillow Top mattresses and peaceful, quiet environment 4 Pines Motel has to offer.

3. 1 Queen Bed with Kitchen

If you want to save money eating out, or if you’re just excited about cooking, this is the suite for you! Fit for one or two travellers, our queen bed + kitchen configuration includes a stove with two hobs, a coffee-maker, microwave oven, and mini-fridge. Fry up a nice breakfast or fix a relaxing dinner in the privacy of your hotel room.

4. Separate Bedroom Suite

This suite is perfect for groups who want a little more privacy, or for families with children that have different bedtime schedules. Our separate bedroom suites feature a kitchen and an additional bedroom completely separated by a door. The kitchen includes a full-size fridge, range with four stove-tops, oven, microwave, and coffee-maker, along with plenty of cabinet space. This choice is ideal for longer stays.

Need more information about our room and suite options? Contact us today and we will be happy to help you find your perfect hotel room in Lillooet at 4 Pines Motel!

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Choose your dates, choose your room, and get ready to have fun outside!

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