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At one time, Lillooet was the largest settlement in British Columbia. Its importance is evident in that the mile "0" cairn that marks the beginning of the famous Cariboo Trail is placed in Lillooet. Miners and traders used this route to the interior and it was vitally important during the Cariboo Gold Rush. The cairn was used as a measure for all the mileposts to the north: 83 Mile, 100 Mile House, and 150 Mile House are examples where communities have grown up along the Gold Rush Trail.

Lillooet is situated on the banks of the mighty Fraser River, affording visitors a wonderful display of nature's beauty. Those who arrive from the south either by rail or road are privy to some of British Columbia’s most awe-inspiring sights of everything from roaring river canyons to majestic mountains.

Learn more about our beautiful community through our online visitor’s guide.


Stay with us and discover all Lillooet has to offer!

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